We aren’t perfect, but we are trying.

You might’ve heard.. we’ve committed to making 2022 the year we slow down & refine our brand.

Moving forward Honey + Rye's focus will lie in curating the perfect inventory of core accessories. This new focus means we will be stepping away from clothing, as it will allow us to put more efforts into better practice and advocating for mindful consumption and sustainable fashion practices.

To touch on the issue of overconsumption, we’ll also be stepping away from our weekly #FridayDrops and instead introducing monthly drops on the first of each month!

Why are we doing all of this?

Because we noticed gaps in what we were advocating versus what we were doing and we want to do better. We want to recognize that we aren’t perfect, as no one is, but we believe in the power of education and the journey of learning and evolving.

We are so excited to continue to grow our community and to continue to educate ourselves and our hunnies on why these practices matter.


Lynelle & the Honey + Rye team